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Simple integration

The integration in the Open BIM workflow is based on the interchange of information using standard formats and, as well as being simple, can be carried out progressively.

Integrate your applications in an open collaboration space


Non-invasive adaptation

This integration does not affect the design or the general purpose of the applications. Therefore, it is relatively simple to adapt an existing application for it to be integrated in the Open BIM flow.

Therefore, when designing new applications, it is not necessary to take into account its integration in the proposed workflow, since it is only necessary that these be able to read and save information in the standard formats that are used.


Total compatibility

The applications that are integrated in the Open BIM flow can use the information contained by the BIM model, regardless of which software was used to add the information to the model.

The reading and interchange of data is carried out via public and open formats with a minimum link to the BIMserver.center platform. This way, the investment that has to be carried out to integrate the applications in the Open BIM environment is not linked to the development of the platform.



If you are interested in integrating your applications in the proposed workflow, we, at BIMserver.center, can provide you with advice, at design and implementation level, on the best way to carry out this integration.

We also offer training on the computer implementation of fundamental elements of the Open BIM workflow: design of the information flow, interactions between the applications, updating techniques, management of the different types, establishing hierarchies in the consolidations, access to BIMserver.center, etc.


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