Sync is a desktop application that ensures the files of projects developed in are up-to-date

Available version: 1.9.4

Keep your projects up-to-date.

With the synchroniser, all the information included in the projects that are being developed on the platform can be kept up-to-date.

Furthermore, you can check the status of your projects and choose those which are to be synchronised.

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Automatic and direct connection

The synchroniser manages all the information that is generated from applications integrated in the Open BIM workflow and keeps it up-to-date.

This link aids in the transfer of information of the project amongst the users, since they do not have to continuously manage all the project data; it is the specialised applications that do so automatically by selecting and recovering the required information in each case.

How to start working using the Open BIM workflow Store

The applications that are required to develop your architecture, engineering and construction projects can be downloaded from the Store. Sync

The synchroniser keeps the projects that are being developed on the platform up-to-date.


Once the applications and synchroniser have been downloaded, simply login to begin developing your projects.

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