Collaborative work flow
Using Open BIM technology, it is possible to implement a collaborative workflow for the development of architecture, engineering and construction projects, in an open and coordinated manner amongst all the technical designers and agents that are part of the work team.
Integrated development
With the implementation of the proposed workflow, the projects are developed in an integrated manner, since each user can make proposals and carry out designs, work simultaneously and always keep the project updated with the information introduced by other users.
Progresywna migracja
Users do not require additional training to develop their work in the proposed Open BIM workflow, as they do not need to acquire new knowledge or skills, nor learn how to use new computer applications.
Consolidation of the information
The consolidation of all the information of the project is done via, through the analysis, coordination and updating of the files that make up the project. This way, advice is provided to users and the integrity and validity of the contents is guaranteed.
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